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Based inย West Chester Township, OH & serving all areas of Cincinnati we have been providing generations of top quality, local, stamped concrete contractor services for more than 30 years.


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โ€œGREAT NEW LOOK! They replaced our sixteen year old wood decking and railing with new Timbertech decking and railing. Steve Emmons, project manager, put a lot of effort into making sure that we were happy with the outcome and deck looks great.โ€
โ€œI contacted Building Character for a estimate for a deck. I talked to the owner Jared and set a appointment for him to come out. I was unsure of the deck I wanted to build but he gave me lots of ideas. He was also very knowledgeable.โ€
โ€œMy husband and I hired Jared and were simply amazed by the quality of work that was completed. We were so excited to get the deck we wanted and could AFFORD it! We refer him to all our family and friends! Thank you Jaredโ€

Stamped Concrete Cincinnati

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We provide a wide range of quality outdoor stamped concrete services

With a wide range of outdoor stamped concrete services available, and hundreds of satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on being the premier local outdoor stamped concrete contractors available in your area.ย  Our stamped concrete team are highly trained, professional and dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest workmanship possible and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

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Outdoor Stamped Concrete Contractors

Don’t risk your outdoor stamped concrete with shoddy workmanship or unethical practices.ย  Call the local outdoor stamped concrete contractors your friends and neighbors have been trusting their home’s stamped concrete, outdoor living spaces, kitchens & decks with since 1992.


7 Benefits of Having a Stamped Concrete Specialist in Cincinnati Custom design, build, and Install stamped concrete in your outdoor living space.


  1. Expertise in Stamped Concrete Design: A stamped concrete specialist in Cincinnati brings expertise in designing stamped concrete that suits your specific preferences and complements the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space. Their knowledge ensures that the design is visually appealing and tailored to your unique style.

  2. Customization for Unique Spaces: Specialists can customize stamped concrete designs to fit your outdoor area’s specific layout and dimensions. This allows for a personalized and unique addition to your property, ensuring that the stamped concrete seamlessly integrates with existing features.

  3. Local Compliance and Regulations: A local specialist knows Cincinnati’s building codes and regulations. They ensure that the design and installation of stamped concrete meet local requirements, preventing potential legal or safety issues and ensuring compliance with local standards.

  4. Versatility in Design Options: Stamped concrete offers a wide range of design options, from replicating the look of natural stone to intricate patterns and textures. A specialist can guide you through the various design possibilities, helping you choose a stamped concrete style that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

  5. Durability and Longevity: Professionals use high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure the durability and longevity of stamped concrete installations. This results in a resilient outdoor surface that can withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic, providing long-term value and minimal maintenance requirements.

  6. Cost-Effective Alternative: Stamped concrete is often more cost-effective than natural stone or brick alternatives while providing a similar aesthetic appeal. Hiring a specialist ensures you get the most value for your investment, combining affordability with high-quality design and installation.

  7. Ease of Maintenance: Stamped concrete is relatively easy to maintain, especially when installed correctly. A specialist can guide proper care and maintenance practices, ensuring that your stamped concrete retains its beauty over time with minimal effort.

In summary, having a stamped concrete specialist in Cincinnati custom design, build, and install stamped concrete in your outdoor living space offers benefits such as expertise in design, customization, knowledge of local regulations, versatility in design options, durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. This makes stamped concrete a practical and attractive choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area.

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